Molly Makeup Sponge

- Jul 03, 2019-

Molly makeup sponge

Cotton powder puff: after anti-mildew and antibacterial treatment, cotton lining with a thin sponge to increase the softness of the product, reduce the skin irritation, make the product feel more soft and comfortable. Equipped with ribbon, ribbon, etc., use more convenient, more for dry powder or powder powder

Plush powder puff: suitable for powder powder, powder powder, honey powder, set makeup powder and other dry powder; Uniform makeup, comfortable, powder absorption: special shape, color diversity, novel style. It is a kind of sewn powder puff products, generally divided into long plush, short plush, pure cotton three materials; Cotton material, can reduce the skin irritation, with ribbon, silk surface, easy to use; Multiple washing is not easy to deformation; Available in a variety of materials and ribbons

Velvet powder puff: sewing series, suitable for talcum powder, powder, set makeup powder, honey powder and other dry powder; Uniform makeup, comfortable, powder absorption; The same hot stamping, hot silver, screen printing and other effects, cheap.

Flocking powder puff: belongs to the advanced product. Extremely soft skin touch, suitable for foundation. Sewing belt powder puff can be used on both sides, attached satin, leather and other powder puff can be used on one side.

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