Novice Must See! Make-up Brushes Literacy Teach You How To Use Makeup Brushes Correctly.

- Jun 24, 2019-

Make-up is a compulsory course that every girl must learn. "There is no ugly woman in the world, only a lazy woman." Women really can't be lazy, they should be a delicate pig girl!

Learn makeup, you should start by knowing makeup brushes. The makeup brush is clearly divided into a facial brush, a repairing brush, and an eye and lip brush. It is an open class for novices to learn makeup.

Facial brush

makeup brushes

Scattered powder brush: Large brush head, fluffy and soft, used to brush loose powder makeup. Because of the large amount of hair, it is usually enough to brush a little bit of loose powder.

Foundation brush: The brush head is short and has a certain grip force. It is suitable for sweeping the liquid foundation, making the liquid foundation more compliant and more natural.

Residual powder brush: The brush head is fan-shaped, which is convenient for sweeping off the residual powder remaining on the makeup surface to prevent the phenomenon of card powder.

Blush brush: The brush head is oval, which can make the sun red more natural blooming.

Concealer brush: The brush head is small, used to apply concealer, can accurately point to the place where you want to conceal, for the concealer of cockroaches, spots, acne marks and other places.

Repair brush

Angled repair brush: The beveled design is suitable for human body, convenient for precise control of makeup and contouring.

High-gloss brush: The brush head is a bit like a small flame, and the brush powder is even.

Angled nose brush: For nose shadows, create a delicate little nose.

Eye brush

Eyebrow comb/eyelash brush: The eyebrow comb is used for eyebrows and eyelashes; the eyelash brush is used for brushing eyelashes.

Eyeshadow Brush: This set of eye shadow brush has three parts: basic eye shadow brush, smudge eye shadow brush, eye tail brush, very comprehensive

Eyeliner Brush: For the outline of eyeliner.

Eyebrow brush: Make the eyebrow powder more natural and even, so as not to affect the makeup with excessive eyebrows and reject the crayons.

Lip brush: outlines the lip shape and smudges the color evenly.

makeup brushes

The above is the use of various makeup brushes!