Oval Makeup Sponge

- Jul 02, 2019-

 Oval makeup sponge

Diameter: circle 53mm thickness: 7mm. Square 55mm*44mm thick: 7mm

Material: natural latex (NR)


◎ dry use: gently press the powder cake to get the right amount of powder makeup, gradually push out on the skin.

◎ wet with: sponge absorb enough water, force wring dry after use. After use or before storage, be sure to dry the moisture thoroughly.

【 characteristics 】

◎ suitable for general makeup with foundation liquid, foundation paste, foundation cream, strip foundation

Antibacterial treatment, easy to clean and preserve.

[maintenance method]

◎ dirty, please use warm water to add a small amount of neutral lotion, to repeatedly squeeze the way to sponge deep dirt out, to be completely evaporated after dry, can be stored or used again.

◎ if you find poor elasticity or discoloration, replace the new product.

◎ avoid exposure to high temperature or sunlight.

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