Pedicure Manicure Kit

- Jul 04, 2019-

Pedicure Manicure Kit [method of use] 

1. Wash your hands, it is best to disinfect them with disinfectant. 

2.Grind the nails out of shape with a nail file. 

3. Apply softener where there is dead skin, easy to remove dead skin, but also relieve pain. 

4. Push with dead skin. Push dead skin up.

Pedicure Manicure Kit


 A. After each use, immerse the dead skin forceps blade in disinfection water to sterilize and sterilize, do not exceed 10 minutes, put too long easy to damage and rust. 

B. After each use, remove dandruff and dust from dead skin pliers with disinfectant. 

C. Dry the dead skin pliers. 

D. When you do not use dead skin pliers, please take good care of them so as not to damage the blade.

Pedicure Manicure Kit Note: before cutting toenails, please soak your feet with hot water for 10 to 20 minutes, wait for the toenails to become soft, so that it is convenient to cut your nails! This toenail is used in basically the same way as 

scissors. When you cut it on the corner of the embedded nail, pay attention to gently cutting it in a little bit until you cut off the thorns embedded in the meat, and then gently pick them out. Then fix the edge and cut it into a mixed circle. If you already have friends who are inflamed, red, swollen, painful, etc., please disinfect your toes and toenail tips first (you can use iodine wine and hydrogen peroxide) and then cut your toes and toenail tips. Nail pliers, eyebrow clips, ear digging items are made of high quality materials, with a variety of styles, exquisite appearance, humanized design, and convenience are produced to the needs of consumers. To make it easier for consumers to use beauty boxes is the use of high-grade fashion leather materials production, fine pores, fine lines, strong feel; Each accessory adopts imported stainless steel production, first-class production technology and strict quality management for quality assurance, novel style, exquisite appearance, product surface treatment effect can be according to the needs of different guests. With a wide range of manicure uses, strong functional effectiveness, affordable prices, fully meet the needs of beauty manicure care, so that users become simple and relaxed, so that people enjoy the beauty and contentment of life. A good life begins with a good image