Pink Egg Shaped Sponge Makeup

- Jun 26, 2019-

Pink egg shaped sponge makeup

Item name: hydrophilic teardrop-shaped powder puff

Product specification: diameter 43*55MM

Material: hydrophilic polyurethane foam

Product features:

1. Compared with latex powder puff, hydrophilic polyurethane powder puff with vitamin E has the following advantages: no latex. Latex is a type of rubber that is usually a harmful mineral, and non-latex powder puff has no negative effects on the body.

2. Contain vitamin E, which is a kind of nutrient needed by the human body and can play a cosmetic role after being absorbed by the skin. Latex will dross on oily cosmetics.

3. No crumbs. Generally speaking, latex powder puff will drop crumbs in the process of use.

4. Boring. Latex powder puff will have latex flavor, and latex flavor will stay on the face.

5. Environmental protection. Left in the ground for a long time, it will turn to earth.

6. Fine density. The size of holes in latex products varies.

7. Good oil control, dressing the skin without harming the outer protective oil film, absolutely assured and healthy use;

8. After the product is cleaned, the hole will become larger in the cleaning process, and the dirty things will be cleaned and changed back to the original after drying.

9. Skin-friendly, hydrophilic material makes it suitable for anyone's skin and won't be allergic after use;

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