Pink Makeup Blender Sponge

- Jul 02, 2019-

Pink makeup blender sponge

Silicone powder puff that I love and hate.

First of all, this powder puff, I basically do not need to go on the foundation, because I am lazy hands and broken, this powder puff I generally used to paint isolation, as if to open a new world, not waste, not like a powder puff like a waste of your cosmetics.

I buy is not ipsa, just in some treasure to buy the same but the effect is the same, powder puff with light fragrance, powder puff on a layer of film, do not peel off! Use directly. It feels like a nubra on foundation

As my title says, I love and hate this stuff, but everyone sees it differently, so I can only tell you what's good and bad about it. Judge yourselves.

1. This powder puff is only suitable for BB with high moisture content, isolation and foundation. Don't use it with dry foundation, unless you're good at it, trust me. You can't do it all day! Not evenly spread at all! Just wash your face...

2. Use only half the amount of powder you normally use. Super province!

3. Rinse well, with paper towels or water.

4. Skin care products and color makeup (lotion isolation foundation, etc. ) all right, as long as it's a little watery.

5. The most important point, the use of techniques, first push, after daub, daub, daub! Do not pat. Apply until smooth.

Ocd you may be curious into a, but I would like to say, if your technology is not so high, or makeup eggs better use, if you buy after feel really no makeup eggs to use, remember to come back to me thumb up!

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