Pink Sponge Makeup Applicator

- Jun 26, 2019-

Pink sponge makeup applicator

Detailed instructions

Color, shape and LOGO can be customized.

Q. can you customize the shape? Is there any charge?

A. Yes, there are physical objects or drawings, and our company can also design. We need to pay the mold fee, the specific mold quantity and cost depends on the order quantity and delivery date.

Q. can you order the color?

A. Yes, the minimum order is 2000 pieces of customized color

Q. can we order the packing to order?

A. Yes, just have the drawing file or sample

Directions: read the instructions! The membrane on the surface! Don't tear it off! Rip it and it will be broken!!!

1) as it is a transparent silica gel powder puff, it will not absorb the foundation liquid like a general sponge powder puff, but can make the foundation liquid more completely on the face, don't worry about waste;

2) can let the complete powder puff on the face. So it will make the foundation look shiny and easy to apply evenly;

3) the transparent powder puff has special film, so it is able to smoothly push away the foundation liquid, and after use, it can be wiped clean, and it does not need to be cleaned like ordinary powder puff.

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