Plastic Makeup Sponge

- Jul 08, 2019-

Plastic makeup sponge

Concealer + air cushion cream perfect combination, concealer while make makeup look more natural. And for dry skin group moisturizing effect is very good, not off powder, not floating powder; For people with oily skin, make up without greasy makeup. And a box of dual-use functions, the cost - performance ratio is very high.

When using, first apply appropriate amount of concealer with the pointed and fine head of the water-shaped powder puff, and conduct partial concealer on the small parts that need to focus on concealer on the face. After the initial concealer is finished, gently pat a little more concealer to achieve better concealer effect. After concealer, the wide head that reoccupy powdery puff is touched take right amount air cushion powdery bottom to undertake whole countenance on makeup, the dot pats type to cover air cushion powdery bottom to whole facial ministry. When you're done, a delicate base makeup will do the trick.

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