Professional Pedicure Tools

- Jun 28, 2019-

Professional foot tools: the latest nail scissors, nail files and oblique nail scissors, separate fingers and toes help reduce the risk of fungal infection. Midpoint; precision and sharp cutting: especially sharp and handmade sharp blade, making it smooth and easy to cut thick nails. Each nail cut hole for the key chain, portable, daily recommended for use.

Professional Pedicure Tools

Sharp and hand-sharpening cutting allows you to smooth and easily cut thick nails. Each clip has a key chain hole, which is portable for daily multi-use.

Ergonomic and effortless design: curved and oblique blade cutting blades make cutting easy and clean for all types of nails. Simple grip rod and non-skid matte design to achieve the best accuracy and control.

Best manicure: these manicurists are equipped with a compact gift box, perfect nail case, suitable for family and travel. Suitable for most people.