Rabbit - Shaped Makeup Remover Cloth

- Jul 18, 2019-

The overall color of Makeup Remover Cloth is white, and the shape is the shape of a rabbit's head. There is a ribbon on the ear, on which you can customize the logo. The ribbon is made in pink, which matches the whole color of Makeup Remover Cloth, giving a super cute feeling.

Makeup Remover Cloth can be used in face remover can also be used in other places, such as cleaning, because the shape of Makeup Remover Cloth is not big, just in line with the hand shape, easy to grasp;The Makeup Remover Cloth is made of a soft material that doesn't damage supplies and wipes the furniture clean.

Thoroughly clean skin, thoroughly discharge makeup, it is hairdressing absolutely fundamental.Discharge makeup, while not complex, but the process will always be at the end of the day to rest at the moment, at this time a lot of people after a whole day's work, often have no patience and effort to get rid of foundation, eye shadow, lipstick and stubborn eyelash fluid, with the residual makeup sleep in her bed, in the long run, how can the skin does not make you embarrassed problem.So even if you are tired again, also want thoroughly clear facial ministry residual makeup, but must not be wiped at random, get hurt skin, want to act by the step, especially the key such as ministry of eye ministry, lip makes up a part.

Discharge makeup is close when the end, use Makeup Remover Cloth to wipe facial ministry clean, whether still has the powdery base that remains on check Makeup Remover Cloth;To the discharge of eye and labial ministry makeup, it is to want to use Makeup Remover Cloth to clean more, because Makeup Remover Cloth softness won't hurt facial ministry sensitive skin, still can clean the powdery bottom that just leaves effectively.