Why choose Rainbow Latex Makeup Sponge

- Jul 18, 2019-

 Why choose Rainbow Latex Makeup Sponge-Made of latex-free Polyurethane, it perfectly works on your skin with liquid, cream and foundation.Hypo allergic  and  applicable to all skin types.

 Latex-free cosmetic puff with hydrophilic features, environmental-friendly, non-toxic and recyclable.
 Rich in Vitamin E, for the skin to absorb nutrients and retain water; can moisturize the skin to prevent 
 Anti-oil; made of environmental-friendly, recyclable and eatable raw materials.
 Hydrophilic material, with water easily and quickly absorbed.
 Customized sizes are available.
 OEM is acceptable.

Rainbow Latex Makeup Sponge

100% high quality latex free makeup sponge.
Lightweight cosmetic puff, easy to carry.
This Rainbow Latex Makeup Sponge suitable for all kinds of skins.
Professional Manufacturer with years experiences for makeup sponge.
Many makeup sponge blender have stock,so can offer the faster shipping.
We have many shapes and colors about latex free makeup sponge,so you can mix to order.