Round Makeup Sponge

- Jun 25, 2019-

Round makeup sponge

When go up powdery bottom fluid, how should different sponge go up makeup? MM people probably did not notice the detail of this respect, below small make up teach you to be in when go up pink bottom fluid different sponge should how go up makeup.

1. Round and oval sponges are more suitable for applying foundation.

2. Pentagonal sponge can be used to dip the tip of the sponge into the liquid foundation, and then press the other side to fix the makeup.

3. Triangle sponge can be used to dip into the right side of the foundation and evenly daub on the makeup; Finishing details of the tip; Finally, press with the longest side to set the makeup.

4. Egg sponge can be used sponge egg "butt" gently along the skin lines up, to the two sides of the daub.

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round makeup sponge01.jpg

round makeup sponge03.jpg