Shadow Brush

- Jul 04, 2019-

Play shadow the most important is the Shadow Brush, as long as the Shadow Brush is oblique, if you want to face the Shadow Brush, want to go out quickly must choose a large brush oblique.We can choose a smaller diagonal brush for the nose shadow.,

The brush head of this Shadow Brush adopts the unique v-shape design, which can better fit the jaw line and nose of the face, perfectly creating the shadow of the face and the nose, making the facial features more three-dimensional.

Method of full face shadow: find the point in the middle of the ear, connect with the Angle of the corner of the mouth into a straight line, play the technique of drawing straight.

Nasal shadow painting method: first in the eyebrows and the nose of the connection of the position of the pen, use the triangle technique in this position on the shadow powder evenly, the bridge of the nose must use the position of the straight line painting.

Shadow Brush: also known as contour brush, is dipped in to repair the shadow powder and other products to create super photogenic small face magic local brush.From the above picture you can see that the brush head is circular arc, one end long and one end short, it is easy to identify.Shadow brush is generally used in two places: 1. Side of nose 2. Lower side of cheekbone.Nasal shadow can make the face look more three-dimensional, slap on the sides of the face can play a contraction of the face is thin visual effect.Need to pay attention to is, in the mm ordinary life makeup, when playing nose shadow, pay attention not to play too deep or too much shadow powder, otherwise it will look dirty feeling and unnatural, this and stage makeup and on the lens makeup look is different, nose bridge is not slant flat mm life makeup can also not play nose shadow.Cheekbones high girls are careful to hit face profile.

Clean Shadow Brush time to pay attention to: do not put the whole brush on the towel air, brush bristles will become stiff, hard bad with offend;Don't dry the brush vertically, as gravity can deform and peel the bristles, greatly affecting the life of the brush.