Silicone Face Sponge

- Jun 25, 2019-

Silicone face sponge

Material: silica gel or TPU

Color process: transparent, plain, printing, gold and silver powder, embedded petal

Product advantages: easy to make up and save foundation liquid, waterproof surface does not penetrate foundation liquid, does not absorb powder easy to make up; Use paper after makeup

Wipe or rinse with fresh water.

Shape selection

The gourd shape 4.1 * 6.3 cm

Drops 4.5 * 6.1 cm

Leaves 4 * 6.5 cm

Round 5.5 * 5.5 cm

Packing specification:

We are the source of OEM/ODM orders from various channels or customers

The quoted price is bare, the packing mode is inner box + outer box, and the standard packing is 1000PCS per box.

Specification of inner box: 225*140*120mm, specification of outer box: 480*305*270mm;

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http://silicone face spongesilicone face sponge03.jpg

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