Silicone Makeup Sponge Buy

- Jul 09, 2019-

Silicone makeup sponge buy

1. Stick to it and avoid powder:

Genuine leather bionic design, just like using the finger to make up directly can be directly daub, also can slap on the makeup, many because of the sponge makeup effect is not good and directly use the hand makeup MM can bid farewell to the full hand is liquid powder embarrassment.

The MM that goes up makeup directly with the hand people can know the effect that goes up makeup to fit a post naturally yo.

2. Moistening, not absorbing water:

Dermis and silica gel are not water absorption, essence, etc. are directly retained on the skin yo, makeup effect moisturizing water and luster.

Iii. Flexible and easy to operate

The double-layer structure design of silica gel powder puff is designed to be worn into the powder puff with the index finger. When making up, it is just like using your finger tips to make up. The corners of the eyes, corners of the mouth, nose wings and other corners of the face can be well taken care of.

Iv. Wet and dry:

To meet all kinds of powder liquid makeup, my experience is:

For thin liquid BB cream essence, etc., use silica gel to apply directly;

For liquid thin consistency of the general foundation liquid with direct application of leather surface;

For thick consistency is very large or dry powder, etc., then use less and more dip into the pat to makeup.

Why less? It does not eat powder ah, can not apply sponge powder puff experience yo.

Haha, I prefer the way of applying makeup, which is easy and fast.

Five, don't eat powder, save powder:

Do not absorb powder this point, needless to say, leather and silica gel are not like a sponge full of holes, makeup after almost no residue

Vi. Save time and apply quickly:

On my BB cream and foundation, the fastest only took less than two minutes, respectively, of course, is to use real leather surface direct daub, canthus, corners of the mouth, nose and other blind Angle is included a: I'm putting the BB cream point such as a dozen each position on the face, careless daub is in directly with leather powder puff (so headstrong, break fast), and finger to repair the corner with a puff, it's as simple as that, more than a minute with respect to OK.

Easy to clean:

Easy to clean, rinse with water, rub with makeup remover or wet wipes. Is the reason that the material does not absorb powder, the residue itself is less, the surface cleaning is easy to clean. At least N times better than a sponge puff, right? !

8. Not easy to breed bacteria:

It is easy to understand that it is not easy to breed bacteria. There are no holes in the leather and silica gel, and there is almost no residue of powder when making up, unlike sponge powder puff, which can never be cleaned

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