Silicone Puff

- May 10, 2019-

My personal station makeup egg and so on some sponge powder pounce ~ silicone powder pounce I also followed the wind into one, used a little, makeup effect is the disaster scene! Then I will compare these two kinds of powder puff through concealment, lightness and so on! 

1, concealment: 

silica gel powder win! 

 silica gel powder puff on this point, other horniness is a mess. Silicone powder does not suck powder, so silica gel powder flushed out of the bottom makeup concealment is very high! It will not affect the water and oil content of the foundation, beauty makeup eggs more powder absorption, but also absorb a little bit of water and oil in the foundation liquid! So the bottom makeup on the makeup egg is relatively thin, in order to avoid the makeup egg to absorb the moisture from the powder base, so to wet the makeup egg and then dip in the powder base liquid, otherwise the powder base liquid on the face will feel very dry ~

2.  naturalness:

 beautiful makeup egg is better.

 beautiful makeup egg is a kind of sponge powder puff, when used will absorb powder, so the makeup feeling that comes up is relatively thin, but I like this kind of natural makeup feeling very much, silicone glue powder puff can not absorb powder, Therefore, it will not affect the foundation liquid itself, but the makeup feeling is too heavy. I don't like it very much.

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