Smudge Brush

- Jul 08, 2019-

The usage and advantage of different shape foundation brush

Flat tongue foundation brush

This is the most primitive, the most traditional, the most classic foundation brush brush shape and Smudge Brush is used is such a brush shape.It uses man-made fiber straight silk to make and become, most makeup artist likes to use this kind of brush form, Smudge Brush can use whole face to cover, even if be the area that eye circumference and nose wing go up not easily makeup.Suitable for liquid bottom makeup products.It pushes the foundation away quickly.The drawback is that it's easy to get brush marks, so it needs to be used with a powder puff.This brush form basically each brand has, it is the most basic color makeup professional brush form.

Cone foundation brush

It is also made of straight silk.Use method and tongue foundation brush basically consistent.Compared to the tongue-shaped foundation brush, this cone foundation brush is more suitable for non-professional personal use.Brushes in this shape currently have two of the most common sizes: 23/24mm hoop diameters with sigma, etc.Oversize has 27/30mm, this brush shape is too popular abroad, but in the domestic response seems not big.

Double fiber base brush

Made of a mixture of long straight and relatively short curved wires.Ideal for applying thin, liquid foundation products.If you have a really good base and just need a little primer to even out the skin instead of covering up blemishes, this brush shape is perfect.This brush has a smaller audience.

Flat end polishing foundation brush

This brush has a flat top and is made of curved silk.All brushes are of the same length.Flat head can achieve the largest area of coverage.This brush is suitable for higher density paste products.It can also be used to spread a powder cake.Also relatively easy to use bottom makeup brush, suitable for personal makeup.Flat inclined head powder bottom brush, triangle 3D powder bottom brush is flat brush shape.

Round end wet and dry base brush

Curved silk base brush.In the current trend in Europe and the United States, for those who are proficient in makeup, this is the most useful bottom makeup tool.It can let bottom makeup appear fit, fully, make makeup look perfect and immaculate.Repeat the application in circles to ensure the compatibility and compliance, so as to achieve lasting makeup.This brush shape can be applied to almost all bottom makeup products.No liquid, paste or powder cake.

Smudge Brush, its shape is like a fish, the brush handle is the shape of the tail, can be electroplated into many beautiful colors.

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