Smudge Sponge Brush

- Jul 04, 2019-

Smudge Sponge Brush, sponge according to the average person daily makeup use calculation, two to three days should be cleaned once.

Wash regularly, even if you don't use it daily.A powder puff left unwashed for a long time, even though it leaves only a small amount of liquid powder, can also breed bacteria that harm the skin.And the pollution aging of sponge, still can affect its own flexibility and flexibility, affect makeup effect.

Special powder puff cleaning liquid can be used to clean sponge.If not, you can first soak the powder puff with water, and then rub out the foam with bath liquid and wipe the powder puff, and then soak in the water and press out the foam with your hands, and repeat this for 3-4 times. After washing, put it on the towel to absorb the water and air dry naturally.When drying, avoid direct exposure to sunlight, avoid accelerated aging sponge.

How to choose sponge powder puff:

Sponge powder puff is also called natural powder puff, divided into dry powder puff, wet powder puff and dry and wet dual-use, according to different shapes and divided into: gourd shape powder puff, geometry shape powder puff, Smudge Sponge Brush, general powder puff, etc.Price according to the material difference is large, choose to pay attention to the following principles: elastic, strong water absorption, according to the needs of the choice of shape, oil resistance strong stability is not aging, and of course, the most important point is soft texture.

A new Smudge Sponge Brush is not recommended to be used directly after being opened, first soak in water for a few hours, wait for Smudge Sponge Brush to absorb full water expansion and become large, and then squeeze moisture to place ventilation in the shade, Smudge Sponge Brush will become thicker, become softer and more elastic, will not drop crumbs in the future use process, longer life.