Sponge Air Cushion Makeup Puff

- Jul 18, 2019-

  • Soft and comfortable to touch and use.

  • The high-end material brings breathable and gentle performance.

  • The powder puff are compact and lightweight, suitable for daily use and professional makeup.

  • Sponge Air Cushion Makeup Puff is skin-friendly and applicable to various skin types.

  • Can be used to apply powder foundation and liquid makeup equally.sponge-air-cushion-makeup-puff201904201113211925506

  • The round Makeup Powder puff is made of high-quality hydrophilic non-latex material, which is elastic, soft and durable, breathable and light, and does not absorb powder.

  • Sponge Air Cushion Makeup Puff can be used dry and moist, suitable for BB Cream, Liquid Foundation, Cream Foundation, Loose Powder, Pressed Powder etc.

  • Washable--Please clean powder puff with mild cleanser and warm water, and put it in ventilated place. It is recommended to change it once every 1-2 months.