Sponge Brush

- Jul 04, 2019-

The friend that often makes up knows, powdery puff is very important to the clear degree of a makeup look.In general, our daily makeup tools include sponge powder puff, air cushion powder puff, beauty makeup egg and silica gel powder puff, and Sponge Brush.So which is better, the air puff or the Sponge Brush?Here's a comparison.

Although neither of them eats powder like a regular powder puff, the difference in shape also leads to different feelings of use.Although the air cushion powder puff is improved a lot from the ordinary powder puff, its shape is still round.

As a result of contact surface is bigger, it is difficult to contact the part that has range to alar, eye week, mouth week when makeup, because this can bring about alar powdery bottom unequal condition.Although some of the big brands' air mattresses come with powder puff shapes in the shape of raindrops, with sharp ends and rounded ends, such as armani's.

But this powder puff shape is relatively rare in an affordable air cushion.And air cushion powdery puff thickness is thinner, the area is smaller, go up makeup every time very embarrassed is finger can touch powdery bottom.

The biggest difference is in the handles.Because there is a handle, there is a point of force, you can save a lot of speed.The head of the Sponge Brush is thicker than that of the air cushion powder puff, which is relatively three-dimensional, and it is a kind of Q bounce touch. The makeup will have a slight bounce and save effort.

The whole Sponge Brush is a mushroom shape.Put on makeup to resemble stamp same, a few times cover gently past good, new appointer is easy also.

Sponge Brush shape lovely, bright colors, no smell, but also with the shell packaging will not let the sponge contaminated with dust in the air;In the use of makeup will not be halo makeup, water will become large, dry and wet dual-purpose, dry can cooperate with powder type use, wet can cooperate with liquid cosmetics use, can make makeup more suitable.