Do you like the Sponge Finger Powder Puff

- Jul 18, 2019-

Do you like the Sponge Finger Powder Puff ?

1. No matter whether the upper foundation or the make-up, the effect of the powder puff is not allowed to be small, it is suggested to prepare one or two powder puff at ordinary times, so as to be convenient to replace at any time.

2. When the powder is dipped with the powder, do not fully dip the whole powder into the powder, otherwise, it can cause unnecessary waste, and can not be used for the fine local area such as the nose, the eyes, and the like. 

3. The grease in the nasal wing is particularly vigorous, it is not suitable to apply too heavy makeup, otherwise it is easy to cause makeup. It is recommended that the powder remaining on the powder puff be applied to the lower light for over and over, or the nose wing can be pressed after the powder is folded in half, and the cosmetic surface can be fixed. The effect of the black head and the pan-red phenomenon. 

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4. To cover the dark circles of the dark, the non-uniform color of the eye or the obvious eye bag, it is best to use a triangular powder puff to gently push the lower eye and the effect is very good.

 5. When making the make-up, the facial contour line is gently swept by the powder puff, so that not only can the more than the excess powder be brushed, but also the face and the neck finish the natural transition, and the embarrassment caused by the obvious local color difference is avoided. 

6. Clean at least one puff per week. Because the powder puff is very easy to absorb the grease on the surface of the skin, the powder for sucking the grease can react with the air, so that it is difficult to dip the powder, and even the bacteria can be generated, and the resistance of the skin is reduced. 

7. Before the sponge is cleaned, it is preferable to do the inspection before cleaning. The texture must be so dense that it can be cleaned. Otherwise, it can be easily broken after washing. And the number of the sponge cleaning can not be too many, it is a dirty old sponge, the inner dirt and dirt can not be completely cleaned, the elasticity is also tired and cannot be used continuously, and the method is not as new as the fittest. 

8. Use the foam-type cleanser to make it foam sufficiently to avoid excessive friction in the face of the face. Although the foam is fast and fast, the moisture content in the foam is very low, and such a foam can not reduce friction. Therefore, when foaming cotton is used, the concentration of the foam must be controlled, and several times of water are added during the foaming. If you don't have an inch, you'll have to play the foam with your hands.