Stainless Steel Manicure Pedicure Set

- Jun 24, 2019-

1, normal mouth nail pliers: first use nail pliers to trim nails six to eight times with a circular arc, and then trim the dead skin at the combination of nails and muscles. Soak your hands in water for three to five minutes before use and dry them to trim your nails more easily. 

2, oblique nail pliers: trim the dead skin at the joint of manicure and muscle Dan Gong. Please pay attention to the depth and strength of pruning to prevent injury to the skin.

3, leather fork: v-shaped knife head, effective repair of dead skin, especially nail groove barbs and filth, can be easily cleaned and repaired. Scissors: with an arc of exquisite knife body, trim eyebrows.

Precautions for use of nail clipper set: 1. Before nursing the nail, you must wash your hands first, and then push the skin with a skin-pushing knife. The dead skin is slowly released from the left to the right, and the dead skin of the nail arc is modified with a bent shear. 2. You can cut out your favorite nail shape with a nail clipper according to your preference, and then trim it with a nail. The nail and nail must be at an angle of 45 degrees and move in the same direction, and the inner side of the nail can be cut and polished to achieve the smooth effect. 3. To frequently use the nail-protecting oil capable of strengthening the strength and toughness of the nail, to protect the nail, and to promote the healthy growth of the nail, and can also be used as a nail polish. 4. It is better to apply a layer of care cream or repair cream to the nail every two weeks, and massage the side skin of the nail and the nail, so that the flexibility of the nail is better, and the nail is not broken due to the dry and hard. 5. Massage the finger with the nourishing cream every night. Do not polish it regularly. It will make the nail book change.