Stylish Design For Electronic Facial Cleansing Brush

- Jul 23, 2019-

Stylish design for Electronic facial cleansing brush

Comfort skin-friendly food-grade silicone material, safe and mild

Ultrasonic pulsating technology, clean no facial injury

Small and cute, one hand can be held, travel with

Effectively reduce makeup dust residue, return you clean and clear skin

The fuselage is waterproof and can be used in bath, which is convenient, quick and easy to clean

This instrument adopts frequency modulation vibration technology, and USES the frequency of 8000 sound waves per minute to clean the deep layer of the skin through the vertical vibration sound wave, so as to take the dirty things out of the deep skin without damaging the skin or increasing pores. The instrument is combined with soft and mild medical silica gel contacts to directly rub on the skin surface, effectively removing facial dirt and impurities, which is more sanitary than ordinary nylon brush head, and at the same time can shrink pores, help remove acne and acne marks, and glow skin luster.

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