Synthetic Hair Powder Brush

- Jul 01, 2019-

Synthetic Hair Powder Brush is used to set makeup makeup tools, according to quality generally divided into animal hair and artificial hair two kinds.Dip in with it on loose pink, brush the face that has powdery bottom in besmear, more downy than with powdery puff, more natural, can stucco very even.It can also be used to fix makeup or brush away excess powder.The advantage that uses loose stucco to fix makeup lies in, fix makeup effect is light and thin, make makeup face effect nature is not affected, and more economize the dosage of loose powder.

Synthetic Hair Powder Brush is made of natural wool or artificial wool more, because this is stretchy and elastic, soft to the touch, easy to catch powder, color is very even.When using powder to fix the makeup, powder painting is used for dipping appropriate amount of powder. When using powder painting to dip powder, it can be a good amount of powder, so that the makeup is natural and the integrity of the makeup is higher.

In the use of powder painting, you can gently dip powder, after the excess floating powder filter, gently on the face makeup, so that powder lightly cover the whole face, make makeup natural, show smooth skin.Finally, paint the face with brush strokes from the top down.Especially in the neck, shoulder, chest, back and other parts of the powder, the use of powder paint is other makeup tools can not match.Remember not to use the tip of the hair directly on the face, but with the brush wool side, gently sweep on the face.

Step1: use wool fat loose paint 360° dip in to take a few loose powder to begin to brush by forehead, after can brush again easily give oil, perspire place, be like nose wing position, can be by little by little besmear.

Step2: in addition to sweat, oil parts should be swept, chin easy oil light position can also brush on powder.The chin position can be applied layer by layer, so the sweep effect will be more compact.

Step3: arrived cheek position, can push up from inside outside, follow as far as possible follow skin grain to sweep.Sweep outward at the hairline position.

Loose powder can absorb excess oil on the face and reduce oil and gloss on the face. It can completely adjust the skin color, make the makeup more lasting, smooth and meticulous, and prevent the makeup from being taken off.More for the last step of makeup, brush powder, on behalf of the completion of makeup.In addition, loose powder can also hide blemishes on the face, making makeup look softer, especially for everyday makeup.Therefore, to make the makeup delicate and lasting, the process of using loose powder to set the makeup is indispensable, so it is the wisest idea to have a good Synthetic Hair Powder Brush to match the use of loose powder.