Tapered Blending Brush

- Jun 28, 2019-

The shape of the brush head determines where the brush is suitable to use, and the size of the brush head determines how far the brush is suitable to use.Brush type, brush density and amount of hair these factors are all very personal preferences of the options, only to know your favorite one.

Tapered Blending Brush can also be used as a nasal brush, brush, brush, etc., is a multi - functional brush.

The line design of the brush handle has the greatest influence on the feeling of holding, so its unique tapered handle design can improve the efficiency of making up to help both hands hold;The basic brush mouth material is aluminum, cheap, good shape, not easy to rust is its advantage, material this basic don't worry too much.What should be paid attention to is whether the glue injection at the mouth is done well. Too much glue injection, namely "overflow glue", can be identified with the naked eye, but too little glue injection needs to contact the brush to know, too little glue injection will cause the brush to deglue more easily in frequent use and cleaning.Hold down the edge of the tube orifice and you can still see a gap between the bristles and the tube orifice, which is the normal amount of glue injection.

Tapered Blending Brush  works well with bristles that are firm and soft, perfect for concealing under the eyes;It works, and you'll love this versatile brush.