That Kind Of Make-up Brush Is Better? How To Judge The Quality Of Make-up Brush?

- May 31, 2020-

Make up brush has gradually become a daily product for women. With this trend coming, especially under the leadership of Korean current, make-up brush has also been gradually adopted by men. The brush hair of make-up brush has a variety of materials. For men, it's OK to use artificial fiber hair for rough skin, but most of women's skin is tender and fragile. It's recommended that women use animal hair here. Let's take a look at that kind of make-up brush and how to judge the quality of make-up brush.

The bristles of brushes are not all animal hairs. The bristles stained with paste and liquid cosmetics must be made of man-made fibers, because man-made fibers have the best grasping power for liquid and paste.

In addition to liquid and paste cosmetics, artificial fiber brushes can also get cosmetic products such as mineral powder, high light powder and blush powder. However, the ability to catch powder is much worse than that of animal hair. Because animal hair itself has many barbs which can not be seen by the naked eye, so the ability to grasp powder is better, and there are many powder brushes specially made of fiber brushes.

Animal hair is generally divided into small horse hair, mink hair, common wool, coarse light front wool, fine light front wool, fine light front wool mixed with grey rat hair, grey rat squirrel hair and so on.

Among them, the top brush hair should belong to grey squirrel hair, which is soft and has high power of grasping powder. Secondly, it belongs to the series of fine light front wool, coarse light front wool and fine light front wool mixed with grey mouse hair. Then there are wool, pony hair and mink hair series. Mink hair is usually used as an eye shadow brush, and wool is usually used as a large area brush, such as blush brush, shadow brush, side shadow brush, powder brush and so on.

Judge the quality of make-up brush

The most important thing is the texture of the bristles. Synthetic bristles have a hard touch and are not easy to brush even colors, but they are durable and easy to clean. But some brushes need a certain hardness to achieve better makeup effect, which will be mixed with natural hair and artificial hair.

Tips on brush selection:

1. The bristles should be soft and smooth to touch, compact and full in structure.

2. Hold the bristles with your fingers and comb them down gently to check whether the bristles are easy to fall off.

3. Press the brush lightly on the back of the hand, draw a semicircle shape, and check whether the cutting of the brush hairs is neat.

4. Brush the hair with hot air to distinguish the species: keep it as animal hair, and curl it as artificial fiber.

About which kind of brush is better? How to judge whether the brush is good or not? The content is introduced here. In the process of using the brush, we might as well carefully observe the change of the brush, so as to prevent foresight in the next use or purchase. If you have good cosmetic brush products, please contact customer feedback. We will continue to improve our products.

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