That Kind Of Makeup Brush Is Better? How To Judge The Makeup Brush Is Good Or Bad?

- May 04, 2019-

Cosmetic brushes have gradually become women's daily necessities. With the advent of this trend, especially under the leadership of Korean Current, cosmetic brushes have been gradually adopted by men. The brushes of cosmetic brushes have a variety of materials. For men, rough skin can also be used with artificial fibers, but most women's skin is tender and fragile. Here, Xiaobian still recommends that women use animal hair better. Next let's see what kind of makeup brush is better and how to judge the makeup brush is good or bad.

Brush hair is not all animal hair, and all brush hair stained with paste and liquid cosmetics must be artificial fibers, because artificial fibers have the best grasp of liquid and paste.

In addition to the liquid and paste cosmetics, artificial fiber brushes can also get powdered cosmetics, such as mineral powder, high gloss powder and blush powder. However, the ability to catch powder is much worse than that of animal hair, because the animal hair itself has many barbs which can not be seen by the naked eye, so the ability to grasp powder is better, and many powder brushes are specially made into fiber brushes.

Animal hair is generally divided into pony hair, mink hair, ordinary wool, coarse light-fronted wool, fine light-fronted wool, fine light-fronted wool mixed with chinchilla hair, chinchilla squirrel hair and so on.

The top brush should be grey squirrel hair, which is soft and has high grip power. Secondly, it belongs to the series of fine-light-front wool, coarse-light-front wool and fine-light-front wool mixed with chinchilla hair. Next is wool, pony hair, mink hair series. Mink hair is usually used as an eye shadow brush, and wool is usually used as a large area brush, such as blush brush, shadow brush, side shadow brush, powder brush and so on.

Judging the quality of makeup brushes

The most important thing is the texture of the brush. The synthetic wool has a hard touch and is not easy to brush uniformly, but it is durable and easy to clean. But some brushes need a certain degree of hardness to achieve better cosmetic effect, which will be mixed with natural hair and artificial hair.

Cosmetic brushes shopping tips:

1. The brush should be soft and smooth, compact and full in structure.

2. Hold the brush with your finger and comb down gently to check whether the brush is easy to fall off.

3. Press the brush lightly on the back of the hand and draw a semi-circle to check whether the bristles are trimmed neatly.

4. To distinguish species by brushing hair with hot air: keeping the original hair as animal hair, and curling hair is man-made fibre.

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