The Advantage Of Eyebrow Tweezers Kit

- Aug 14, 2019-

The advantage of Eyebrow tweezers kit

Step 1: prepare eyebrow shaping tools

Include eyebrow pliers, pencil, eyebrow pencil, eyebrow brush, mirror, eyebrow scissors, moisturizing lotion and sponge head makeup stick.

Step 2: clean

Use sponge head make up stick dip in alcohol or astringent make up water, smear on the eyebrows and around, as the preparation before trimming, have clean and pacify effect.

Step 3: become ruler with eyebrow pencil, learn to do eyebrow model stylist

The eyebrow pencil (the stem should not be too thick, so as not to affect the judgment results) is close to the nose, and the inner corner of the eye is a line, the nib and brow junction is the starting point of the beautiful eyebrows (do not have to completely shave off the extra part, just start from this point when the thrush, so as to make the transition more natural); The tip of the pen is slightly tilted to draw a straight line with the outside of the pupil. Tip tip tilt and outside eye tip pulled into a straight line, tip and eyebrow intersection point is appropriate eyebrow tail position, respectively with eyebrow pencil gently draw mark.

Step 4: use an eyebrow pencil or powder similar to your hair color to create the ideal eyebrow shape

After using a pencil or powder similar in color to your hair to create the desired shape, begin trimming your eyebrows to improve accuracy. When using eyebrow pencil to draw eyebrow, want to use the way of feather shape one brushstroke one brushstroke ground to trace, fill the space between eyebrow, every brushstroke should not want to grow than your natural eyebrow. Start from the part of the brow to draw back, then use eyebrow brush or finger color halo. Also can brush with eyebrow model or sponge head make up stick to touch eyebrow powder, trace along ideal eyebrow model.

Step 5: pull out the hairs outside ideal eyebrow shape

Flatten the skin, clamp the root of eyebrow with eyebrow pliers, pull out toward the direction of eyebrow growth (so as not to pull loose the skin on eyebrow bone), pull out one hair at a time, pull out immediately brush the eyebrows smoothly, inspect whether there is a wrong place, and repeat this process constantly.

Step 6: trim overgrown eyebrows

"Deal with each one in turn" is the rule. Just trim those extra and overgrown eyebrows.

Step 7: ice cold compress

You can also use tea tree essential oil to improve redness and swelling.

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