The Function Of Nail File Set

- Sep 02, 2019-

The function of nail file set

Get the polishing strip and nail file after the difference, are the two MM think it is easy to use? If you think so, it's too tattered. Polishing strips and nail files look rather small, but are used with great care. How exactly are they used? Listen to wikipedia break down.

Polishing strip, it generally has a rough and fine two sides, rough is used to polish nails, and fine is used to polish nails, so the order of use is to polish after polishing oh. However, no matter which surface is used, it must be in the same direction, that is, from the nail root to the nail extension, and polishing and polishing can not be rubbed back and forth.

Nail file is also very careful when using, MM people from both sides to the middle of a horizontal bottom polish nail edge, at the same time, the nail file surface to the below refers to the ventral side, oh, so as to quickly polish the nail edge of the rough edge.