The Name And Use Of Makeup Brushes

- Jun 20, 2020-

If a worker wants to do his best, he must first sharpen his weapon. To complete a perfect and exquisite makeup, you must first use a suitable brush to do more with less. Bitches, the little book is easy to pick up, the following are full of dry goods~

【Bottom makeup brush】:

There are various shapes of base makeup brushes on the market, but I recommend it to novice base makeup brushes. I still only share two types-tongue brush and toothbrush type.

【Tongue Brush】:

Although it looks very flat, there are several cuts on the brush head and face characteristics, which can take care of the corners of the face.

【Flat Brush】:

It looks like a toothbrush and is suitable for quick makeup. There are a few key points in choosing a base makeup brush:

1. Try to choose artificial fiber wool. The price of artificial fiber hair is relatively cheap. As a novice, when you have not completely determined that the brush is suitable for you, don't take the risk easily. Some people are allergic to animal hair, and animal hair is generally very expensive, so it wouldn't be very painful to buy it if you step on the mine.

Second, the brush should be tight. The base makeup that comes out of the tight brush will evenly fit and there will be no brush marks.

3. Don't prick your face. This is the most important.

Eyebrow brushes are generally flat brushes, like a trapezoid, with a narrow slope at the bottom. When choosing an eyebrow brush, be sure to choose this kind of bottom bristles, so that the outline of the eyebrow will be very smooth. If there is a split, there will be extra parts in the eyebrow lines, which I can’t bear~

【Spiral Brush】:

The spiral brush is also called eyebrow sweep. As the name suggests, it is to remove excess eyebrow powder or eyebrow pencil on the eyebrows and lighten the eyebrow color. Used before drawing the eyebrows, you can also comb the hair flow and organize the eyebrow shape to help subsequent eyebrow drawing. Buy this brush head can be freely bent, paste and facial contours.

A large, loose primer, used to sweep a large area of primer or smudge.

A small and tight coloring brush for coloring or superimposing eyeshadow in a small area.

As a novice, as long as you have these two eyeshadow brushes, simple daily makeup can be done~

[Halo brush]:

This is a universal brush, also called empty brush. Used to smudge eye shadow or nose shadow, in short, smudge everything you want to smudge, novice must have!

【Restoring Brush】:

I wrote these two brushes together. After all, they are newbies, and there are too many brushes to use. This brush is a fluffy bevel brush and looks like a mini broom. It can be seen that its brush shape is unique with a beveled angle, and the head is very round and fluffy. That's because the beveled part can take care of the face side of the face, and the fluffy brush type blush is also suitable.

【Lip Brush】:

No matter whether it is thick or thin, or a lip makeup, it is essential to complete a delicate lip brush. The lip brush chooses this thin and long brush type, which can take good care of the corners of the lip shape, and the lip shape is also the most suitable for this shape.