Three Make-up Brushes Can Make Up One Eye Makeup!

- Feb 13, 2020-

All kinds of make-up brushes. Eye shadow brush should be the most, from small, medium to large, from the bottom, dizzy dye to outline. It be not at all surprising that one person has dozens of eye shadow brushes.

In fact, finishing a basic eye makeup requires only three brushes: medium eye shadow brush, small eye shadow brush and eye liner brush.

Medium eye shadow brush

Medium Eyeshadow brush is used for eye shadow, eye shadow is widely applied on upper eyelids, and light and color eye shadow are suitable.

Trumpet eye shadow brush

The small eye shadow brush is used to precisely control the color area and the width of the small eye shadow brush. Only about half of the medium brush is suitable for the second eye shadow.

Eyeliner Brush

Eyeliner brush is used to outline fine and smooth eyeliner, eyeliner brush along the root of eyelash. As well as the above 1 mm area, according to the eye shape, the lines are drawn in a fine and smooth way.

The shape of the medium eye shadow brush is selected with a conical brush head, and the conical brush bristles have a sense of layering, which increases the contact area between the eye shadow and the eye. Halo dye strong, transition is very natural, very suitable for eye bottoming.

The brush head of the small eye shadow brush chooses the tongue shaped brush head, and the shadow shadow brush used for coloring selects the tongue shaped brush head of the trumpet. Tongue shaped brush head has a good grasping force, and it will have a good color when applying makeup. The bristles of the tongue shaped brush head are relatively short and densely arranged, and the eye area is small, so the tongue shaped brush head needs to be accurately positioned and colored.

The brush head of Eyeliner Brush chooses the bevelled brush head, and the eyeliner brush head is relatively hard, which is convenient for controlling intensity. It is suitable for smoothing lines. It can handle rough outer eyeliner, handle eye tail, draw eyeliner with eye liner, and eyeliner will not be very abrupt. Using eyeliner to dip the eye shadow powder to draw the eyeliner, it not only deepens the contour of the eyes, but also is natural.

Three eye shadow brushes:

Step 1: after the overall priming of medium brush, use small brush to make up the inner eye fold. Create eye shadow from top to bottom, from the beginning to the end.

Step 2: the small brush is darkest in the outer corner of the eye area. It can make the eyes appear deep and divine. And the outer corner of the eye echoes, so that the eye is more three-dimensional, the small eye shadow brush erected to use, making soft natural eye shadow.

Step 3: eyeliner brush along eyelash root, and above 1 millimeter area, from eye head eye tail depicts eyeliner.

After finishing the eye shadow, then finish the makeup on the eyelashes and eyebrows, and draw a complete eye makeup.