Top Makeup Brush Sets

- Aug 21, 2019-

The hair of Top Makeup Brush Sets is mainly made of artificial fiber. The advantage of artificial fiber is that it is better for sensitive muscles and has no smell of animal hair. It is hard.The biggest advantage of the brush of artificial fiber is not afraid of water and grease, but also more resistant to washing, so most foundation brush, eyeliner brush, lip brush are artificial fiber.

About the maintenance of Top Makeup Brush Sets

The main thing is cleaning.Basically, the foundation brush and lip brush should be cleaned every time they are used, because they are covered with liquid cosmetics, and bacteria can easily grow if they are not cleaned in time.Other brushes should be cleaned at least once every 3-4 weeks.Otherwise, it is to brush bristle bad, easy bifurcate drops bristle, 2 it is to brush bristle above be infected with color too miscellaneous, affect go up makeup quality.

For more frequent cleaning, it is recommended to use washing water cleaning, it is very convenient to use.Pour a small amount of rinse water on a clean paper towel or cotton pad at a time and rub the brush over it until no color comes down. I call this a small wash.After such cleanness, brush is a little airing 20 minutes half hour can dry thoroughly, wool wool is beautiful if new.

Wash greatly every month, the method is, pour 1-2 drop shampoo in palm center, after the brush hair that sets Top Makeup Brush Sets is wet, in palm center dozen circle, can produce a lot of foam, after making circle about 2-3 minutes, rinse with wen shui brush a head, note water does not get the junction that brushes a head and handle, can cause to brush a head to fall off otherwise.Rinse until no color comes down, squeeze the water out by hand, apply some conditioner, and rinse.Finally, squeeze the water as dry as possible, arrange the brush head shape by hand, and place the brush flat in a well-ventilated area to dry.Note that the brush should be placed flat or the brush head slightly down, do not brush head up, that way the water will be perineum to the brush bristles root cause glue.