Triangle Makeup Sponges

- Jul 01, 2019-

Triangle makeup sponges

Material description:

Hydrophilic polyurethane material, non-latex sponge, English name is: PU

1. It does not contain latex, so it is not allergic to skin, suitable for any skin;

2, rich in vitamin E, promote the skin to absorb nutrients, maintain moisture;

3, anti-oil, will not rub off the skin protective oil touch;

4, hydrophilic material, easy to absorb water, fast speed, itself can expand, after squeezing out water powder effect is better, air dry after recovery;

5, the use of imported polymer technology, the cotton surface is more flexible and smooth, can be repeatedly used after the chip will not fall;

6, all raw materials are imported from the United States, environmental protection, non-toxic, tasteless, no stimulation

7. Our products are SGS report and skin irritation test report. The majority of customers can rest assured to use

Using range

Use 1: wet - wash face, wet the cotton with water before using liquid foundation and wring it out to get the best effect.

Use 2: wet use - hit powdery bottom to use, when daub powdery bottom fluid and segregation frost, press with it finally, makeup can be very lasting, stick the skin very much, use the makeup of the place such as clip on wide face face, narrow face or the makeup of the place such as nose alar eyelid on tip.

Use 3: dry use - gently press the powder cake to get an appropriate amount of makeup, gradually push it out on the skin.

Maintenance method

1, dirty, please use warm water with a small amount of neutral lotion, to repeatedly squeeze the sponge deep 2 layers of dirt out, to be completely evaporated after dry, can be stored or used again.

2. Avoid exposure to high temperature or sunlight.

3. When you find poor elasticity or discoloration, please replace the new product, but you will find that it does not change shape for a long time.

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