What Do Summer Make-up Look For

- Apr 26, 2019-


1 Base make-up: 

apply evenly before oil-controlled makeup, first sweep a layer of powder, use pressed powder instead of powder base liquid on makeup, use base makeup spray, after makeup, gently sweep the whole face to make-up. Repair: repair focus on both sides of the nose, lips below and the edge of the face, a small amount of dressing powder, can play a repair effect. Highlights: blush sweep in the immediate position, choose the color of the color, lighter than the previous painting. Lipstick: lipstick is the right choice for yourself, here is the choice of pink with a fine tone, apply in the middle of the lips and then apply fingers to the outside.


2  step of eyebrow, eye makeup: 

First use the eyebrow pen to outline the shape of the eyebrow, do not deliberately emphasize the eyebrow peak, there is a meat coupling radians can, the shape is not too stiff. Then use eyebrow powder from deep to shallow brush from eyebrow tail to eyebrow to fill the eyebrow gap. Dyed hair next use dyed eyebrow paste evenly eyebrow color, finally in a small amount of eyebrow raincoat at the end of the eyebrow, to increase durability.