What Hair Is Better To Brush With Makeup?

- Mar 13, 2019-

We can divide the hair of cosmetic brush into two kinds: artificial brush and animal hair. In animal hair, badger hair, horsetail hair, goat hair, sable hair and squirrel hair belong to the top-grade cosmetic brush, which is also more expensive. Artificial fiber wool is different from nylon wool. It is also popular because of its good effect and high cost. If it is superior to animal hair in terms of quality and effectiveness, the most important thing is to see what kind of cosmetics are used, such as powder foundation, loose powder defects, and so on.

Mink hair: is the best brush, soft and moderate texture;

Horse hair: its texture is stronger than that of goat hair, and it is mostly used as an eye shadow brush.

Goat wool: the most common brush, soft and durable texture;

Squirrel hair: It's cheaper and softer than mink hair.

Man-made fibers: harder than animal hair, suitable for paste-like makeup with thick texture. And if it is man-made fibers, there are many choices, as far as possible to choose high-quality fiber wool, high-quality fiber wool can achieve smooth and delicate texture, excellent touch.

Nylon: The hardest texture, mostly used as eyelash brush, eyebrow brush.

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