What Is Konjac Facial Sponge

- Jul 15, 2019-

What is Konjac Facial Sponge

Product features

Plant properties: the konjac itself contains vegetable alkali, so the konjac cleanser cotton also has this property, so it can remove the dirt deep in the pores when using, even without soap or facial cleanser, it can also neutralize and decompose the residual cosmetics or dust in the skin.

Elastic fiber: konjac cleansing cotton special konjac fiber tissue, can repair the fragile skin after the sun, even if hard rub, will not hurt the skin;

Glucomalose: the effective component of konjac is glucomalose, which is a natural moisturizing factor and has a better hydrating function, which can replenish skin moisture while washing face. After washing a face, can lock skin moisture more, won't wash a face like before so, the face feels tight after washing, dry.

Sponge structure: can more easily wash the face milk to make more foam, and can exfoliate and cuticle in the melanin, play the role of whitening.

Long-term use: whether rise to massage clean skin action, can promote metabolism, make blood circulation smooth.

Natural environmental protection: in today's society with increasingly serious environmental pollution, environmental protection products are more and more favored by consumers; This product is a green environmental protection product, without any harm to human body. After being discarded and buried in the soil for three months, the degradation rate reaches 99%, and it will not damage the environment.

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