What Is The Difference Between Good And Bad Makeup Brushes

- Sep 15, 2020-


The bristles are a very important part of makeup brushes. Generally, the bristles of makeup brushes are made of animal hair or artificial fiber hair. Many people mistakenly think that animal hair is better than people looking for fiber hair, but it is not always true. Let me teach you how to identify the quality of Mao.


The first step is to touch it with your hands and gently comb the brush with your fingers to see if there is a lot of hair loss. If it does, the quality of the brush is unqualified. Generally, animal hair will shed a small amount, which has nothing to do with quality.


The second step is to look with your eyes. Good bristles are smooth and shiny. Most people look for fiber hairs that are shiny. Animal hairs don’t. They only have a gloss. If the brush is dull and dull, it means The hair is not good.


The third step is to smell it with your nose. Open the package and ask for the smell of the bristles. If it is a lot of paint, it means that the brush quality is not good enough.

Method/Step 2


The brush handle is also an important part. The brush handle generally comes in two materials, the wooden handle is made of paint and the electroplated plastic material.


Bad quality brush handles tend to peel off the paint. When we get the makeup brush, we must check whether it has such problems.

Method/Step 3: Aluminum tube


The aluminum tube is used to connect the brush handle and the bristles. In the middle, first look at the thickness of the aluminum tube. The thicker aluminum tube is of higher quality. If the material is thin, the quality is not very good.


Looking at the embossing part of the aluminum tube, the imprints are neat and parallel, indicating that the quality is relatively good, and the quality of skew is not enough.


Finally, look at the gloss of the aluminum tube. Good gloss and no scratches are also one of the conditions for judging the quality.