What Is The Role Of Silicone Makeup Scrubbing Pads

- Mar 20, 2021-

The main function of the silicone makeup scrubbing pad: an auxiliary product used to clean makeup tools after makeup. We all know that many things are used in makeup, such as powder puffs, brushes, eggs, etc. A series of makeup work, after the makeup is done, there will be a lot of residues on the tools. At this time, a product is needed to rub off these residues. Things! Want to be fixed, convenient, beautiful, and environmentally friendly? That's right, from these aspects, the silicone makeup scrubbing pad has appeared, which is very friendly to solve all the troubles after makeup! The silicone makeup scrubbing pad is designed with a suction cup on the back so that it will be firmly adsorbed on the desktop, washstand and other places!

With the suction cup, the silicone scrubbing pad is also designed to have multiple areas on itself! Various cosmetics are placed in this area. Is this design very user-friendly? For example, eyebrow pencil and eye shadow cannot be put together to clean, then this silicone makeup remover pad is very suitable for you! Moreover, the bumps in each area above are not the same. Different designs such as love, waves, and bars are also a very good choice for you who meet different hobbies.