What Kind Of Make-up Brush Should A Novice Use

- Aug 12, 2020-

Base brush:

There are various shapes of base makeup brushes on the market. Tongue brush and toothbrush are recommended for beginners.

Tongue brush:

Although it looks very flat, there are several pastes at the brush head and the facial features of the section, which can take care of the corner of the face.

Flat head brush:

It looks like a toothbrush and is suitable for quick makeup. There are several key points in choosing a base brush:

1、 Try to choose artificial fiber wool. The price of artificial fiber wool is relatively cheap, as a novice, do not take risks when they have not completely determined the suitable brush. Some people are allergic to animal hair, and the general animal hair is very expensive, if you step on the thunder to buy it is not very heartache.

2、 The brush should be tight. Tight brush brush brush out of the bottom makeup will be uniform, there will be no brush marks.

3、 Don't prick your face. This is the most important point.

Eyebrow brush is generally flat brush type, like a trapezoid, with a narrow slope at the bottom. When choosing eyebrow brush, be sure to choose this kind of bottom brush hair is even, so when sketching eyebrow shape, it will be very smooth. If there are any bifurcations, the lines of eyebrows will be redundant

Spiral brush

Spiral brush is also called eyebrow sweep. As the name suggests, it is to remove the redundant eyebrow powder or eyebrow pencil, reduce eyebrow color. Used before the thrush, it can also comb the hair flow and arrange the eyebrow shape to help the follow-up thrush. Buy this brush head to be free to bend, stick and facial contour.

Eye shadow brush

Small, tightly coloured brushes are used for small areas of color or eye shadow.

Cosmetic brush:

After all, he is a novice, too many brushes can not be used. This brush is a fluffy diagonal brush that looks like a mini broom. You can see that its brush shape is very unique, with an oblique angle, and the head is very round and fluffy. That's because the part of the bevel can take care of the face side, and the fluffy brush type is also suitable for dizzy blush.

Lip Brush:

Whether it's thick or thin or a bit of lip makeup, it's essential to finish the delicate lip makeup and lip brush. Lip brush choose this kind of thin and long brush type, can take good care of the corners of the lip shape, outline lip type is also the most appropriate shape.