When You Make Up, Do You Want To Clean The Make-up Eggs And Brush Well?

- Jan 01, 2020-

With the use of concealer, eye shadow and high gloss and silhouette, these steps are inseparable from the help of the beauty egg and makeup brush and the auxiliary tools of powder puff. These auxiliary make-up objects are just like a small soldier, and it is really important to carry the make-up safely and properly to our faces. In fact, we use make-up eggs, make-up brushes and powder puffs every day, but have you ever thought about cleaning them? Today, let's focus on cleaning these make-up gadgets. Let's also talk about the process of these gadgets. Have you ever thought about cleaning them well? May as well take these small objects on the dressing table, follow the small knitting to do a thorough cleaning!

1. What are the small things used in daily life to capture makeup?

In our daily life, we use a lot of auxiliary tools when we make up. We don't usually think of them, but now they seem to be quite a lot. For example, make-up eggs and puffs are used as base makeup. Help us put the foundation liquid on the face, then use the makeup bag or powder puff halo, because the beauty egg and powder puff are all soft, and now there are a lot of beauty eggs and powder puff are all designed with edges and corners, which can better fit some corners of our faces. For example, the corners of the eyes and the sides of the alar of the nose, the lower part of the nostrils, the lower part of the lips, the lower part of the eyes and the face, and so on. Therefore, the make-up eggs and powder puffs are also the first choice for people to make up!

There is also a tool called make-up. I didn't feel it before brushing. I just saw some make-up artists on TV and they would take out a set of make-up brushes from the make-up bag. All kinds of make-up brushes are dazzling, and the brush used for each part is different. It has both the use of concealer and the eyebrow brush and eyelash brush specially used for eye use. Those little fairies who paint eye makeup on the mountain will also prepare several cigarettes and brushes to avoid mutual shadow and eye color, so the number of make-up brushes on the dresser is also more make-up objects! The above are some small objects that are classified for you. They are often used in daily life. Think about whether they are using something every day? Most of the time, even if it is not make-up, it is easy to touch some dust master's make-up when exposed to the outside every day. With puff, it is easy to produce some bacteria. It's time for us to thoroughly clean it!

2. Cleaning procedures for puffs, eggs and brushes

These tools are often used by us. Today, we also take out some small tools that we haven't cleaned for a long time to do a thorough cleaning with you. The first step is to soak the makeup remover. Before cleaning these things, we should first prepare three things. They are water basin and make-up remover or make-up remover, as well as powder puff cleaner and paper towel. First put the make-up brush and make-up egg in the basin, and powder puff, then add a proper amount of make-up remover or make-up remover, and mix these things together. The main function of make-up remover is to remove the makeup on the face, as well as the makeup stains on the makeup objects, which can better dissolve the makeup among them, so it can be put for one night!

Step 2 is to clean with powder puff cleaner. In the morning of the second day, we can see that the water in the basin has become turbid. This is because the makeup in the powder puff make-up brush and beauty make-up egg has dissolved into the water. It seems that the effect of makeup remover can not be underestimated. After pouring the dirty water out of the basin, pour some fresh water again, then add powder puff and detergent into the basin, and then knead, slowly knead out the remaining makeup that did not melt. For make-up eggs and powder puffs, they are rubbed repeatedly, and the inside make-up is diluted. Because puff puffs and cosmetic eggs are sponge ingredients, the water absorption ability is strong, so the liquid foundation remaining in it will be more heavy and need to rub several times. For the brush, the part of make-up is concentrated on the brush head of the brush, so the brush head should also be rubbed!

The third step is to scrub. In order to make the powder puff, the makeup egg and the make-up brush cleaner, we can make a comparison. The water is turbid in the first cleaning, and turbid in the second cleaning. At this time, we need to increase the intensity of rubbing several times. After repeated rubbing for several times, the cleaner water can be seen until the 6th water change, and the makeup eggs and brushes that haven't been rested for a long time can be seen to be very dirty! Now we can use the paper towel to absorb the water from the cut powder puff and make-up and the makeup brush, and then put these tools in a ventilated place or a dry place for drying. After drying, they can be used directly!