Why We Choose Facial Cleansing Brush For Acne

- Jul 23, 2019-

Why we choose Facial cleansing brush for acne

Wash your face gently

When washing your face with a Coleridge cleanser, don't poke your face as hard as you can. This will not clean your face and will damage your skin. Just apply the brush tip to your skin.

Clean your face in order and in time

After starting the kreli cleanser, it automatically defaults to the intelligent mode, and the cleanser will adjust the speed and strength according to the skin information of different parts of the face, so clean your face according to the cleaning sequence and duration indicated, and you will get the best cleaning effect.

Ventilate after cleaning the brush head

After each use of the brush head, clean the brush head, and wash off excess water, and then cover the cap, put in a well-ventilated place natural air drying, to prevent the growth of mold, do not recommend to put in a windowless toilet.

Brush head should be changed regularly

Brush a head to use time to grow after, brush a head to accumulate certain cannot clean dirt, continue to use can not be wholesome, and originally the bristle of circular arc may grind a edges and corners, irritate the skin, so suggest 3 months change brush a head. When you need to change the brush head, the tip light of the cleanser will light up.

It may be painful to use

During the first week of using the Coleridge cleanser, the skin may feel slightly painful, which is normal.

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