Why We Need A Makeup Brush?

- May 10, 2019-

Why use makeup brush has always heard a saying that the hand is the best makeup tool, but since entering the makeup pit, it is found that more comfortable than the hand is the tool!? All kinds of makeup eggs, makeup brushes

Good makeup brush is the first step to create delicate makeup, in fact, there is a great difference between makeup brush and hand makeup, one is health problems, the other is symmetry and permeability, and the third is makeup effect! If you don't believe me, watch it with me! 

The most common and the most acceptable eye makeup for eye makeup, makeup brush is more decisive, after all, whether the eye is beautiful, a look at how many brushes! Novice makeup and makeup veteran see if it is panda eye, dizzy! Generally speaking, the correct eye shadow painting requires three brushes: bottom brush, eye shadow brush, dizzy brush. 

Only when the bottom is done, the eye shadow makeup will be more colored and more subservient, and the difference between dizziness and non-dizziness may be that they draw a clear hierarchy, but you are a little like a giant panda. Makeup! Base makeup is light and clear is a more important step, but the bottom makeup on the good and good with tools are very different! When I first started putting on makeup, I firmly believed that the hand was the most comfortable! Finger belly is the closest to the skin!

 I just found out now! The malpractice of hand makeup is really a lot! Usually when we use the bottom makeup of our hands, we often encounter uneven, powder sticking, but if we use a foundation brush, then we can quickly apply the foundation liquid and put on the face with a simple way of beating circles or pushing across the way. 

when we use the bottom makeup of our hands, we often encounter uneven, powder-sticking situations, but if we use a foundation brush, we can quickly apply the foundation liquid and the face to the post. And concealment degree will be higher than with makeup eggs, powder puff a higher level! 

I have to say, with foundation brush on the makeup, the skin texture will be particularly clear. There is also a often ignored, but the good you are fairies, if you can't draw well, you are plateau red! 

That is, a more important step in makeup, blush and blush is definitely easy to be ignored by fairies, but also by fairies pay attention to a step, often see highly skilled makeup bloggers will use their hands to put on makeup. But when they want to learn, they will find out! Still too young! His face turned red on the plateau by accident. At this time, there is a great need for a blush brush, dipped in a small amount of light scan on both sides of the apple muscle, instant natural good look!