Would You Like To Handheld Facial Cleansing Brush

- Jul 24, 2019-

Would you like to Handheld facial cleansing brush?

1. Different cleaning areas: obviously, the cleaning area of JM128 is larger than that of the handle, and there are more cleaning parts.

2. Different gears for cleaning and massage: the handle has 3 gears for massage and 3 gears for cleaning, while the JM128 facial cleanser has 5 gears for massage and 5 gears for cleaning. The gears are increased.

3. Different cleaning frequency: the cleaning vibration frequency of the handle is 6000 times/min, while that of JM128 is 7000 times/min

4. Gear memory function: this function is available in JM128, but not in the handle style

5. Different battery life: the long handle facial cleanser can last up to one year, while the JM128 can last up to 113 days. Of course, these are the duration of use under certain circumstances, the actual situation may be different, but on the whole, the battery life of both products is very good.

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