You Must Like To Eyebrow Tweezers Target

- Aug 14, 2019-

You must like to Eyebrow tweezers target

1. Plastic eyelash curler

Advantages: lightweight and easy to carry.

Drawback: clip the intensity of eyelash is a little insufficient, eyelash is harder the likelihood clip does not become warped, or it is to curl degree not lasting.

Suit a crowd: go out travel, eyelash itself compares soft, like the crowd that natural curl spends to use.

2. Stainless steel eyelash curler

Advantage: clip the strength of eyelash is bigger than plastic, gently clip can make eyelash nature roll become warped

Weakness: to eyelash root root a little pull, and can't fold to collect

Suit a crowd: eyelash itself is harder, like eyelash to roll apparently become warped crowd is used.

There are three major categories of eyelash curlers:

1. Traditional eyelash curler

Traditional eyelash curlers are the most common eyelash curlers, which are usually made of metal or plastic. Easy to use, can clip a more perfect curve.

Electric eyelash curler

Electric preheat, through heating eyelashes to achieve natural curl effect. This eyelash curler is quick, convenient and long-lasting. It can also be used to separate clumped eyelashes. Be careful to burn your eyelids when using.

3. Partial eyelash curler

Local eyelash clip appearance is cabinet, use at eye head, eye end, traditional eyelash clip to cannot take into account the corner position, let makeup look more delicate.

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